EPI Power Sessions

Room: Anacacho

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The Empty Seat:
Reengineering Your Relationship with the Business Owner

Who does an owner really trust? The answer is quite simple. An owner trusts their own gut over all other influences. Do you know what qualities an owner (subconsciously) values about him/herself that you could showcase more prominently? Have you done the work to think like an entrepreneur who takes risk versus a “numbers guy” who manages and avoids risk? Despite the widely-spread belief that there is a “most trusted advisor” to the owner, we believe that the seat across from that desk is empty and that if you learn the skills that garner respect and trust, you can fill that seat.

Leveraging the wisdom of the TED-style speech and the knowledge that short, compelling talks that challenge the status quo can change the world, EPI is pleased to introduce five speakers who will regale you with the knowledge, strategies, hard truths, and powerful facts to reinvent your approach and drive even better outcomes.

2019 Power Session Lineup:

The catalyst for trust, collaboration, and lasting change? Conflict. Do you have the comfort to deal with conflict head on? Do you have the skills to do is well and bolster confidence and admiration from your clients? Confront conflict and gain the influence you need to lead an owner to a successful transition where everybody wins.
Power Speaker: Dr. Fred Johnson | view full bio

Your best ideas and advice are worth nothing if you can’t get through to an owner and their team. Learn the art of listening, an eye for therapeutic advice that moves mental roadblocks, and presenting ideas that build credibility and trust.
Power Speaker: Joseph Strazzeri, Esq. | view full bio

Owners work with people they like. And what is the leading factor as to why people like each other? Sameness and familiarity. Zero in on what makes you and business owners the same and see the difference immediately.
Power Speaker: Seth Webber | view full bio

Building an elite network enables you to tell an owner facing a problem “I know a guy.” This is a skillset that can be learned from someone who knows how to build an A-team.
Power Speaker: Jayne McQuillan | view full bio

Leadership is one of the most popular topics in the business community and yet, leadership is one of the most challenging positions to master. There are many schools of thought as to how to achieve results when dealing in difficult situations. Learn from this proven leader who understands the formula for great team results.
Power Speaker: Jim Kubacki | view full bio

About the Power Sessions

Inspired by TED. Tailored for professional advisors

  • Fifteen minute speeches that challenge your point of view
  • Talented, proven speakers with valuable expertise
  • Tableside refreshments that energize your body and mind
  • Top-rated session at the Exit Planning Summit
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