Fishing for Value: Case Study Experience

Room: Peraux

9:40 am - 10:50 am


Fishing for Value Revisited: Facts Revealed and What Really Happened in the ‘Prepare’ Gate


FIRST: Three experts will present new fact patterns that were withheld from the 2018 release of the Fishing for Value Case Study, diving deeper into Barrows Ltd financial, business, and personal pre-exit action plans, providing new insights, and filling in the blanks so that each group can prepare their spokesperson to answer (and debate) a series of questions in the Main Stage Findings Panelist Debate, including…Did Chuck Barrows choose the best exit option?

Now with an expanded grasp on the facts and an inside look at the personal and professional influences that impacted Chuck’s decisionmaking process, you will participate in a small group problem-solving workshop to create a Post-Exit Performance Assessment.


NEXT: Your team will analyze the scenario, utilizing the Fishing for Value worksheet and supplemental materials, and draft your official position on the effectiveness and appropriateness of Chuck’s chosen exit. Did he get good advice from his hired exit planning advisor? Did he establish proper personal readiness financially and personally? Did the unexpected death of his father derail his ability to make a good exit decision? Did he leave money on the table?

Remember this: Too many owners experience “profound regret” within one year of exiting their business. It has been one year since the release of Fishing for Value and the exit of Chuck Barrows from Barrows Ltd. Be prepared to answer and defend your position on this question: In 2019, does Chuck regret his decision to exit his business?

Note: The expert witnesses will float room to room to moderate and assist in the formation of your Post-Exit Performance Assessment.


LAST: Present your team findings and share the facts that inform your performance assessment. Hear from the Expert Witness Panelists who will provide further clarification on the who, what, when, where, and why as the “advisors” to Chuck Barrows.

Consider the shared strategies that led to exit success stories and note the missteps in others’ cautionary tales. Participate in the 2019 Summit Case Study experience to leverage the knowledge, wisdom, and experience from 200+ top exit planning advisors and core competency experts in one collaborative interactive experience.

A free digital copy of Fishing for Value: A Short Story of Succession Planning, Business Growth, and Exit will be distributed to paid attendees prior to Summit. Group assignments will be provided at the EPI Registration Desk.

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About Fishing for Value eBook

A Short Story about Succession Planning, Business Growth, and Exit

  • Released at the 2018 Exit Planning Summit
  • Written by exited owner and serial entrepreneur Scott Snider with Nancy McCarthy
  • Based on real business owner experiences and realistic obstacles
  • Read your copy prior to Summit to prepare!
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