[KEYNOTE] The Reality of Change with NFL Executive Coach, Dr. Fred Johnson

Room: Anacacho

8:50 am - 10:00 am


Meet the Keynote

The Reality of Change with NFL Executive Coach, Dr. Fred Johnson

What would happen if you transformed your view on change? What if you learned how to master positive change and lead others through the process? The impact of this transformation will surprise you. Your ability to embrace and engage in meaningful change will extend into all areas of life. Becoming better at change will lead to a better you, a better life.

In this year’s highly anticipated opening keynote address, Dr. Fred Johnson, CEO and founder of InitiativeOne and NFL Executive Coach for the Super Bowl XLVIII First Time Champs (advising GM John Schneider of the Seattle Seahawks), will share the six ways leaders inspire teams while navigating constant transitions and change. Harnessing his wealth of experience as a CEO, a consultant for countless senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, his well-known success as a culture-changing NFL executive coach, and his passion for storytelling, attendees can’t resist Dr. Fred’s honest insights, relatable experiences, and transformational lessons on leadership, conflict, and creating value-driving change in any organization.

Don’t miss the chance to experience and leverage the lessons from this thought-provoking leader at the 2019 Exit Planning Summit. The Reality of Change will become a catalyst for positive change in your organization.

**Don’t miss the book signing and Q&A with Dr. Fred Johnson directly following his opening keynote address at the EPI Lounge! (book inventory first-come, first-serve)



Meet Dr. Fred Johnson: Dr. Fred Johnson is the CEO and Founder of InitiativeOne. He is a catalyst for deep transformation and believes that extraordinary change is possible. Clients consistently note the impact that Dr. Johnson has made on their personal and corporate leadership journeys. When he speaks, he conveys a contagious passion for elevating leaders and exponentially impacting the leadership culture of organizations.

Early in his career, Dr. Johnson along with Rosetta Riley, protégé of Edwards Deming and Lean Manufacturing, identified that change and excellence has a significant human component. He created and implemented Leadership Transformation processes that accelerate positive culture change by helping leaders become authentic, courageous, open, and more human than ever before. This powerful shift in mindset allows teams to lead change through aligned and focused decision making and problem-solving.

Dr. Johnson has worked with Fortune 500 companies, global organizations, professional and collegiate sports teams, as well as school districts and universities across the country. He is the co-author of the book Is Everyone on the Boat? and The Reality of Change.

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Continuing Education (CE) Credits

CPE: 1 hours
CEPA: 1 credits


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Mind-expanding concepts delivered by an entertaining, highly-regarded NFL leadership coach

  • Gain confidence in leading change through knowledge of what’s to come.
  • Embrace and engage change as a pivotal leadership quality.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety in your life.
  • Counter-resistance and naysaying while avoiding blame and taking things personally.
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