Case Study Panel

About This Panel

Through this case study-based session, attendees will be assigned a small group to work with. This will allow attendees to share their exit planning knowledge while learning from other experts within the space as they dive deep into a small to lower middle-market company case study. In small groups, attendees will answer questions, conduct an enterprise value assessment, and have a discussion around the case study-based company. Following this session, EPI will have an expert panel that breaks down the case and provides insights on Value Acceleration while taking questions from the audience.


Exit Planning Summit Speaker Chris Snider

Christopher Snider

Exit Planning Summit speaker shanda mcfadden

Shanda McFadden

Sean Hutchinson

Sean Hutchinson

Exit Planning Summit speaker rich gunn

Rich Gunn

Exit Planning Summit Speaker Kyle Danner

Kyle Danner

Exit Planning Summit speaker Sam Messina

Sam Messina

Exit Planning Summit Speaker Jacqueline Kaltz-Coulombe

Jacqueline Kaltz-Coulombe

Learning Objectives:


Understand the key concepts and applications of the Discover Gate of Value Acceleration


Understand the key concepts and applications of the Prepare Gate of Value Acceleration


Understand exit options and how they apply to a privately held company


Understand the tactical approach to client engagement