The Excellence in Exit Planning Awards are made up of three prestigious honors: The Member of the Year, Leader of the Year, and the Peter Christman Exit Planner of the Year.

Member of the Year Award

The Member of the Year Award is presented to a CEPA who contributes significantly to the EPI community of advisors and the overall exit planning profession. Specifically, they act as a key leader and expert in their local or regional marketplace and lead exit planning education while driving market awareness, thus making them a valued member of the community.

Leader of the Year Award

The Leader of the Year Award is presented to a CEPA who has successfully trail blazed a first-of-its-kind project, initiative, or practice which has made a significant contribution to the exit planning profession and the overall community. Understandably, this advisor is a thought leader. They have taken a position and become a regarded expert in a specific niche area. Ultimately, they innovate, influence, and showcase characteristics of collaboration.

Peter Christman Exit Planner of the Year Award

The Exit Planner of the Year Award was named after the co-founder of EPI, Peter Christman, and is the highest honor offered in the exit planning industry. Therefore, it is awarded to a CEPA who practices exit planning, manages exit planning engagements, or educates business owners and advisors. This advisor may also provide industry-changing exit planning solutions or tools that can be directly tied to changing outcomes for business owners and leading advisors. Similarly, this advisor makes significant contributions to the industry and exemplifies the core values of EPI and the CEPA designation. All while ultimately making a uniquely significant impact on the larger exit planning profession as a whole.