Guiding Your Clients to Their Freedom Point

About This Learning Lab

As a CEPA, you know that it is not a matter of if your clients will exit their business, but when. Just as they have trusted you to guide them on building value within their business to prepare for the future, they will be looking for your help to pinpoint the best time for them to exit.

By aligning an owner’s personal needs with their business’s value, you can help them calculate the ideal intersection to sell their business – what we call their Freedom Point. By assisting in this critical decision, you will help owners reach financial independence, de-risk themselves financially, and live comfortably for the next phase of their life.



Laura Ferguson

Learning Objectives:


How to set financial expectations when most business owners don’t believe their exit will impact their lifestyle


The one reason most retirement plans are contingent on a business’s success


A step-by-step process for calculating an owner’s Freedom Point


Top strategies you can use to close the gap between today and an owner’s Freedom Point