How to Differentiate & Market Yourself to Business Owners

About This Main Stage Session

Business owners are a tricky breed of people. They’re analytical, intelligent, value-driven, and short on time. Coupled with their high expectations and no bullshit meter, they’re a tough nut to crack. Until now.

In this session, I’ll share the top ways to differentiate yourself when it comes to branding your business and how to best attract business owners as prospective clients or partners. I’ll share original research conducted on hundreds of business owners that will highlight the specifics of what they’re looking for when building professional relationships, what matters most to them, the values they honor when making decisions, the content they prefer, and the platforms they frequent most often.

We’ve also baked in about 20-minutes to work on a strategy for you to uniquely tackle your business owner acquisition strategy as well as a 20-minute Q&A to wrap things up.

In short, you will have a mini content marketing strategy when you leave. And you’ll probably have a few questions as well, which we can help answer for you either in one-on-one consulting or via the EPI Marketing Masterclass for Professional Advisors!



Kiley Peters

Learning Objectives:


Have identified your niche and key differentiating proposition


Confirmed your top business owner prospects


Solidified one major original piece of content that will add value to your business owner audience


Confirmed three different types of supporting content to drive traffic to your original content


Confirmed two different distribution channels to activate your business owner audience