Reduce Tax and Maximize Benefits for Entrepreneurs

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Using Customized and Patent-Pending Private Placement Ownership Strategies to Reduce Tax and Maximize Benefits for Entrepreneurs – Pre and Post Business Sale

Minimizing the tax impact on the sale of a business and subsequent estate plan is a fundamental role for CEPAs.

Historical solutions have been limited to inter-family gifting, charitable planning and life insurance. While these may be “better” advents than paying the tax that would otherwise be levied, each has its own failings, by either conceding the tax, transferring the tax to a subsequent generation, or charitably gifting wealth to non-family members.

There is a much more effective alternative that national law firms have developed for their largest private clients that can also benefit middle-market business owners. The solutions encompass a variety of tax-advantaged customized private placement ownership structures that can hold private business interests with a value of $5M or more. When properly deployed, the structures place control in the hands of the client’s trusted professional advisors who remain integral to the planning solution.

As a CEPA, it is crucial for you to be aware of these advanced structures in order to properly advise your clients while maintaining a leadership role in an ever-changing planning environment.



Bradley Barros

Learning Objectives:


An introduction to the private placement ownership structures as a powerful Exit Planning Tools for business owners.


Understanding the characteristics of ideal candidates for the solutions.


Learning how to add these advanced capabilities to your practice to attract and better assist new clients, develop larger net business sales and expand your referral network.