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UBS Financial Services

Exit Planning Summit Title Partner UBS

As the world’s largest wealth manager, UBS Global Wealth Management provides comprehensive advice, solutions and services to wealthy families and individuals around the world. Clients who work with UBS benefit from a fully integrated set of wealth management capabilities and expertise, including wealth planning, investment management, capital markets, banking, lending and institutional and corporate financial advice. Clients have access to a wide range of products from the world’s leading third-party institutions that complement UBS’s own offerings.


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Exit Planning Summit Partner REAG

REAG is a lower-middle market investment banking firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, strategic ownership planning, and private capital markets advisory. For over two decades, REAG has helped leadership teams, private equity groups, and family offices optimize cash flow and overcome challenges to grow, maximize the value of their businesses, and successfully transfer ownership.

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Strazzeri Mancini

Exit Planning Summit Partner Strazzeri Mancini LLP

Strazzeri Mancini helps affluent families get to the heart of highly relevant matters and resolve messes in the areas of integrated tax and estate planning, business succession, and family governance counseling.

Families often come to us with a point of pain they want to address. However, the point of awareness rarely speaks to the full spectrum of the issue. In order to design the best outcome, we need to learn what’s happening to the left and right of the symptoms. That’s why we developed a model called Care to Know.

Care to Know means that we own curiosity as our first reaction. We listen without preconceived notions. We invite all of the things you knew you needed to discuss into the conversations. Then we draw forth additional themes that matter equally, but that you wouldn’t know to share if we didn’t ask. Over time, clients remark that our relationship becomes a place to reliably broaden their perspective and get to the heart of highly relevant matters. They often refer to the relationship itself as A place to think.


The Founders Group

Exit Planning Summit Partner Founders Group

Leading business owners through all phases of transition where increased clarity, net cash flow, and market value expands and solidifies choices for business transition: if, when, how, how much, and to whom.

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The Exit Map Coaching Tools

Exit Planning Summit Partner The Exit Map Coaching Group

Since 2017, ExitMap® has worked with advisors to help them develop broader discussions and deeper conversations using custom branded coaching tools and reports. Since the introduction of ExitMap® Express™ in late 2019, our 90-day process has enabled professionals to delve into a business owner’s readiness for transition. Asking the right questions in the right order defines objectives and concerns, tests assumptions and compares options, leading easily into more detailed planning for transition.

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Exit Planning Summit Partner BBSI

BBSI is a leading provider of business management solutions, combining human

resource outsourcing and professional management consulting to create a unique operational platform that differentiates us from our competitors. The foundation of our service model is the expertise of our local teams in branches across the country, who specialize in business strategy, payroll processing, employee benefits, workers’ compensation insurance, risk management, workplace safety programs, and human resource consulting & administration. BBSI’s local, hands-on support helps businesses of all sizes improve the efficiency of their operations so they can achieve their goals. We exist to support business owner prosperity and help them build better companies.


The Value Builder System™

Exit Planning Summit Partner The Value Builder System

The Value Builder System™ is a Practice Management Software that helps Business Advisors automate their processes to win and keep the best clients. Our platform includes tools that enable you to attract, qualify, nurture, convert and advise owners on building the value of their company. The Value Builder System™ offers three cloud-based discovery questionnaires you can use to attract and qualify leads. Our marketing automation platform enables you to create automated workflows and drip marketing campaigns to nurture and advance your contacts. The Value Builder System™ also includes a valuation algorithm that you can use to benchmark and track the value of your client’s business. Our cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) enables you to advise your clients through the essential steps of building value.



Exit Planning Summit Partner MassMutual

MassMutual was founded in 1851, and from the beginning, we’ve had a single purpose: to help people secure their future and protect the ones they love. More than 170 years later, that commitment remains our guiding principle. It’s behind everything we do and every decision we make. It’s how we continue to deliver products and services to help our policy owners and customers achieve their financial goals and protect those who matter most.


Sales Xceleration

Exit Planning Summit Partner Sales Xceleration

Sales Xceleration is the pioneer in outsourced sales leadership. Our Advisors do the work for their clients and build a path to more sales. They do this by creating a sales plan, finding their best customers, and driving sales to grow the bottom line. Today we have over 190+ Advisors in the US, Canada, and UK. The average experience of an Outsourced VP of Sales is 25+ years. We have been named on the Inc. 5,000 list of fastest-growing companies for three years running. Our Advisors have served over 3,000+ Clients and the average sales increase our clients see in the first year is 32%.



Exit Planning Summit Partner Capitaliz

Capitaliz is a comprehensive digital platform for business evaluation and value acceleration. Designed by exit planners for exit planners – Capitaliz will help you identify, protect, maximize and extract value.


Private Risk Capital Development Advisors, LLC

Exit Planning Summit Partner Private Risk Capital

Private Risk Capital Development Advisors, LLC (PrivateRisk) specializes in the design, formation, and long-term administration of bespoke Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) based solutions for business builders. As a leading global consulting firm, PrivateRisk has helped clients protect billions of dollars of founders equity by integrating customized PPLI based solutions with the sale of their businesses and other economic interests.


The Asset Exchange, LLC

Exit Planning Summit Partner Asset Exchange

The Asset Exchange brings the ability for clients to protect their sales proceeds while they avoid paying Capital Gains Tax at the time of sale. Imagine clients keeping 30-40% more of their sales proceeds working for them, rather than having paid those monies to the IRS.


The Exit Map Coaching Tools

Exit Planning Summit Partner The Exit Map Coaching Group

Since 2017, ExitMap® has worked with advisors to help them develop broader discussions and deeper conversations using custom branded coaching tools and reports. Since the introduction of ExitMap® Express™ in late 2019, our 90-day process has enabled professionals to delve into a business owner’s readiness for transition. Asking the right questions in the right order defines objectives and concerns, tests assumptions and compares options, leading easily into more detailed planning for transition.


Paramax Corporation

Paramax Corporation is a premier investment banking firm, specializing in strategic sell-side advisory services. In addition, Paramax Corporation also provides acquisition advisory services, financing advisory services, valuations, fairness opinions, and business consulting to middle-market privately-held and publicly-traded corporations with enterprise values between $5 million and $500 million. 

Paramax represents clients worldwide from its offices in Williamsville, NY and Rochester, NY and through its membership in Globalscope Partners Ltd., an international M&A network with 51 firms in 41 countries across the globe. Securities transactions are conducted through a wholly-owned subsidiary, Paramax Securities, LLC, a registered Broker/Dealer and FINRA member. 

Founded in 1992, our experienced professionals have completed more than 300 transactions across a variety of industries including manufacturing, fire/safety/security, distribution, printing/packaging, professional services, information technology/telecommunications, healthcare/medical, consumer products, industrials, food, industrial tooling/capital equipment, aerospace/defense, automotive, logistics/transportation, chemicals, and motion control. 

Paramax professionals have significant operating experience in both publicly-traded and privately-held companies in addition to their extensive transaction experience. Every client receives the benefit and attention of experienced senior-level professionals throughout their process.


Kyle Danner - Professional EOS Implementer®

EOS Worldwide is a growing organization of successful entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about helping other business leaders succeed. The power of EOS® is that it is real-world, simple, and practical. There’s no theory or flavor of the month, no magic pills—just timeless, field-tested tools that work. With over 16 years of history and more than 120,000 companies currently using our tools, EOS is a proven system that consistently helps companies achieve more revenue, growth, and profit while delivering a better balance of life to business owners and leaders.

Kyle Danner began his entrepreneurial career in his family’s printing company, where he became an owner and helped the firm grow from $2million to $18+million in revenue. He then made the difficult decision to leave it all behind. Today, Kyle combines his experience as a former business owner, his knowledge as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), and his skills as a Professional EOS Implementer® to help business owners build a better business and live a better life.  

General Partners



Exit Planning Summit Partner ExitSmarts

Our business is based on the ExitSmarts Business Transition System, which we developed for Business Owners with annual revenues of $20 million and below, although larger companies can benefit from it, depending on their existing structure and operating profile.



Exit Planning Summit Partner RAYNE IX

RAYNE IX helps small business owners become more confident leaders, profitable owners, and healthier and happier people by building effective and valuable businesses that align with their personal goals and values through coaching, consulting, and educational resources.

Through genuine curiosity and enthusiasm, we lead growth and open-minded small business owners through accountable, supportive, and collaborative experiences to build the businesses and futures they dream for themselves, their families, and their communities. We guide our clients through personal and professional transformation via our executive coaching and consulting services.



Mavrek is the all-in-one transaction advisory software designed to navigate small to midsize business owners and their advisors (CEPAs, CPAs, financial advisors, etc.) through the sale or purchase of a business from start to finish. Designed by investment bankers with over 25+ years of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) experience, the Mavrek software is revolutionizing the small business M&A industry. Fully equipped with a linear, step-by-step process equipped with every tool, template, and task needed to manage the process, the highly intuitive nature of the Mavrek software makes the process easier for all parties involved. Not only does the software help business owners and improve their chances of successful deal close by providing a streamlined solution, but business advisors (CEPAs) are using Mavrek as an advisory tool to provide continuity to clients after an exit planning engagement and generate significant advisory revenue for their firm. Currently, over 75% of all small business sale attempts fail to close successfully due to lack of tools and resources. Mavrek is the solution.


Alliance Trust Company of Nevada

Exit Planning Summit Partner Alliance Trust

Alliance Trust Company of Nevada works with attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, and insurance professionals from around the world to provide flexible trustee services and the benefits of Nevada trust situs.

Founded in 2005, Alliance Trust Company of Nevada is fully independent and 100% employee-owned – not a subsidiary or affiliate of any brokerage house, insurance company, or bank. We engage our clients and their established teams of professionals without interference.

Nevada leads the nation in both domestic and global asset protection and wealth management. We help our clients benefit from Nevada’s favorable trust laws through a variety of trustee services and asset management.


SBJ Capital

Exit Planning Summit Partner SBJ Capital

SBJ Capital is a private equity firm with approximately $400 million of committed capital, focused on investments in founder and family-owned consumer, business services, and healthcare services companies. SBJ Capital provides thoughtful strategic advice, domain expertise, and a partnership-oriented approach to support the goals of entrepreneurs, owners, and management teams. SBJ Capital was founded by an experienced team of professionals

who have invested over $600 million into more than 40 companies and have an extensive track record of creating value, including investments in multiple businesses that grew from less than $5 million of EBITDA at the time of investment into $500+ million companies.


Quist Insights

Exit Planning Summit Partner Quist

Quist is a full-service business valuation firm with over 35 years of experience servicing business owners and their advisors. Through our proprietary platform, Quist Insights, we provide a cutting-edge solution to advisors working with business owners through transition planning and value acceleration. Our Quist Insights platform facilitates the Triggering Event, providing insights into the strengths and weaknesses that drive company value and recommendations that allow for meaningful decision-making to grow a business’s tangible and intangible value. As valuation experts, we recognize that your clients’ valuation needs to change over time. We are a valuable resource to advisors providing guidance along the valuation continuum from calculations of value to certified opinions of value.


Exodus Complink

Exit Planning Summit Partner Exodus Complink

Compensation Strategies- To grow your business you need a high-performance culture. To create a high-performance culture you need top talent. To attract, retain and reward your top talent you need an irresistible value proposition. And to create an irresistible value proposition you need a compelling short AND long-term incentive pay strategy. We consult, design, model, fund, and administer comp plans. Since 1996 we have developed over 600 plans in 43 states. Our specialty is building Phantom Stock Plans for private businesses and we work closely with EPI advisors in a collaborative manner.


Focus CFO

Exit Planning Summit Partner Focus CFO

FocusCFO is a leading provider of embedded fractional CFO services. The mission of FocusCFO, and the passion of its 125+ associates, is to help entrepreneurs build sustainable, transferrable business value. Many of our associates have attained their CEPA® designation.


My Biz Value

Exit Planning Summit Partner MyBizValue

My Biz Value puts the power in your hands by delivering accurate, speedy and affordable business valuations. An accurate valuation helps you sell your business at the right price and prevents an undersell. 

My Biz Value was founded by a CPA who spends time in the trenches, managing mergers and acquisitions of companies with high growth potential. Rick Krebs, dubbed an “expert sale-side advisor” by Forbes, developed the My Biz Value system because he’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve successful transactions. 

Each My Biz Value report utilizes 2 national databases of sold businesses, pulling data from over 50,000 business sale transactions. Each valuation is then checked against the top valuation methods to ensure the most accurate value is assigned. Have confidence going into the sale of your business with the help of My Biz Value.



Exit Planning Summit Partner InitiativeOne

At InitiativeOne, we look at leadership differently. Because meaningful, sustainable change in your organization isn’t about simply learning new skills. It’s about changing within your own heart and mind. We help leaders find deeper understanding of themselves and each other. That’s how you’ll eliminate the barriers, hidden agendas, and below-the-surface drama that’s holding your team back.


Value Opportunity Profile

Exit Planning Summit Partner Value Opportunity Profile

Home of the VOP software (Value Opportunity Profile) and CVGA training program (Certified Value Growth Advisor).  The VOP is the most powerful and versatile value creation software in the market and the CVGA is the next step for CEPAs who want to expand their value acceleration skill sets.


The Telos Group

Exit Planning Summit Partner Telos Group

The Telos Group is a global consultancy firm that works with enterprising families and the advisors that serve them. With fields of expertise spanning the entire enterprising family world, we build capacities in families and advisory professionals across industries. 

In our work with business families & families of wealth, we educate, facilitate, and consult to fortify the entire system – from family dynamics, to ownership structure, asset management, succession & transition planning, coaching, and much more. In collaboration with advisors & advisory firms, we educate, facilitate, and guide firms to distinguish themselves as leaders and innovators in the family enterprise space.


MAUS Software

Exit Planning Summit Partner Maus

MAUS integrated consulting tools for exit planning and strategic planning empower your firm to deliver value-rich services quickly and easily analyze and monitor your clients’ business. Giving consultants a structured workflow to engage clients from initial engagement right through to ongoing client management and a successful exit. Totally customizable, you can mold the software to meet the requirements of each unique engagement.

MAUS Software is a worldwide leading publisher of exit planning and strategic planning solutions tailored to the needs of business advisors, accountants, and financial professionals for over 20 years. Recognized as the global standard in strategic, business and exit planning, over 60,000 businesses and over 10,000 advisors have benefited from our specialized software and support in over a dozen countries.


Ready For Next Global

Exit Planning Summit Partner RFN Global

Ready for Next Global (RFN Global) includes: 

RFN Academy: an educational community. Business owners learn transition options and value acceleration in a hands-on environment. Advisors access programs to expand knowledge and skills to support owners build value and transition from their companies. 

RFN Advisory Group: a team of value acceleration advisors working with owners to help optimize their business, believing “the most valuable businesses are transition ready.” Programs designed for those who want to act today to create options for tomorrow. 

RFN Cities: is a community preparedness and business retention program working with local stakeholders to engage privately held SMEs to increase business value, ensure job retention and educate owners on transition options for business continuity.




Exit Planning Summit Partner BizEquity

BizEquity is the leading fintech software company created to democratize business valuation knowledge for every business in the world. BizEquity has created the largest online business valuation cloud-based software product and service and the most business valuation data on businesses in the market today. BizEquity’s patented platform is distributed through leading financial services firms such as TD Bank, UBS, PNC, Northwestern Mutual, Equitable, Goldman Sachs, and over 750 other financial services firms and over 4,000 advisors. BizEquity was acquired by ACBJ in 2019 and now can provide financial services firms support to better reach business owner clients to help them discover their worth.