Exit Planning Summit Speaker Gustavo Schutt


Gustavo Schutt


Gustavo is a specialist in “increasing the value of companies” and assisting their owners to have the best alternatives and the best preparation for when they want to leave their company.

Session: CEPA Feud

About Gustavo

CPA, UB; CEPA (Certified Exit Planning Advisor at Exit Planning Institute); PAD (Top Executive Program at IAE; Managing Professional Service Firms at Harvard, Boston, USA. Vistage member and Speaker. Awarded as best speaker Vistage Argentina 2019. Author of book “The Business Owner Reinvention”– How to maximize the business value at a business sale or in a business transition.

Founder of Seidor Crystalis in LATAM and Regional CEO until 2011. Grew the business from 6 to more than 1000 professionals and from 100k to more than 70 million USS. Partner in BDO Argentina and beginning his professional experience in Arthur Andersen.

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