Power Session

Linda Ruffenach

Chief Strategist, Execuity Value Advisor,
Bourbon Badass, Whisky Chicks

Linda has over 20 years of C-Suite experience that lead her to embrace the idea that knowledge and experience breed confidence. 

Session: Innovative Ways to Engage Clients & Prospects

About Linda


Linda’s purpose is to use her gifts, experience, and knowledge to guide current and future business owners to maximize their potential. Her 20+ years of C-level experience growing a $100 million business, enables her to relate to the challenges business owners face every day. She founded Execuity Value Advisors and Whisky Chicks in the same year. Both companies embrace the idea that knowledge and experience breed confidence. Linda is a skilled facilitator and has developed a systematic approach for measuring and improving the value of a business. More importantly, she knows how to turn strategy into results. Be sure to check out her podcast, “Wealth Empowerment State of Mind” and her book, “How to be a Bourbon Badass”.

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