Exit Planning Summit speaker Michael Sheppard


Michael Sheppard

Managing Partner, IronwoodDrive Financial Group

Michael has over 15 years of financial advisory experience and is responsible for the thought leadership and strategic direction of IronwoodDrive Financial Group, LLC. 

Session: Financial Advisor Panel

About Michael

Michael S. Sheppard, CFP®, CPFA, CEPA is Managing Partner and founder of IronwoodDrive Financial Group, LLC (IFG). Michael is responsible for the thought leadership, strategic direction & pursuit of driving IFG’s mission while always reflecting the markets we serve. Sheppard has 15+ years of experience as a financial advisor and leader in the financial services industry. IFG manages retirement plans, employee benefits, & runs financial wellness education programs for businesses and corporations. IFG provides fee-based financial planning, wealth and risk management for individuals as well as financial planning services for professional athletes, collegiate & professional coaches.

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