Sean Hutchinson

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Sean Hutchinson

Partner, RFN Global

Building upon lessons learned from over 30 years in business, Sean shares guidance on elevating your discovery process. 

Session: Next Level Discovery, Learn More With Fewer Questions
Session: Case Study Panel

About Sean

Over Sean Hutchinson’s 30 plus years in business, the most valuable lessons he has learned have been from business owners who generously shared their stories of success and struggle. They have allowed him to offer insights and guidance based on first-hand experiences.

Sean has founded more than half a dozen companies, all of them with partners, some more successful than others. At the age of 34, Sean led a fast-growing global company and was responsible for making big decisions with big implications on a daily basis. Despite having been very green, he was hard-working and quick-learning and the firm became the largest of its kind in the world. Sean is proud to call himself the third-generation heir to his family’s 64-year-old custom millwork manufacturing business.

Sean is a founding partner in RFN Global, an interconnected, collection of solutions for transitioning business owners, their communities and the professionals who advise them. RFN Global includes:

RFN Academy, an educational community offering practical training to business owners and the professionals who advise them.

RFN Advisory Group, a team of professional advisors who work directly with business owners to help them optimize the value of their business, believing ‘transition-ready businesses are more valuable’ ™.

RFN Cities, a preparedness and business retention program providing communities with a programmatic approach to identifying the magnitude of the boomer-owned business risk in their community.

As one of the founders of RFN Advisory Group (previously SVA Value Accelerators), Sean’s primary focus is strategy and growth. He helps owners and their leadership teams imagine what being a “company of the future” looks like for them, and then helps them achieve it. Sean sees his work as transformational, not just transactional and it all comes down to getting ready for next.

To serve clients better over the years, Sean has invested heavily in education. In addition to obtaining a master’s degree from Miami University of Ohio, he is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) and a Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor (CMAA). Sean’s educational and professional experiences have equipped him to serve on the Board of Directors for three private companies and confidently accepts opportunities to speak to owners and professional advisors across North America, whenever he is invited to do so. Sean has been a faculty member of the Exit Planning Institute for seven years and enjoys helping professionals uncover the importance of supporting an owner through one of the largest events of their life.

You are encouraged to reach out to Sean for any reason related to value acceleration and transition-readiness, especially if it is time for you or your client to think big.

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